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cf_ezcart supports several ecommerce payment gateway providers, including, PayPal, and more. We highly recommend for proven secure, unlimited online payment transactions available in multiple currencies.'s real-time credit card processing works on any server running ColdFusion, without the need for additional software installation. To learn more about or to apply for a merchant account...
UPS UPS Online® Tools Approved Provider

cf_ezcart is 100% compatible with the following UPS Online® Tools

  • UPS Online® Tools Rates & Service Selection
    • Offer any or all UPS Shipping Services.
    • Set the maximum weight of a package up to the UPS limit, or set cf_ezcart to calculate all items as packaged individually.
    • If not shipping all of your items individually, you may set any single item as being shipped individually.
    • Oversize packages fully supported. If dimensions are entered for an item, any applicable oversize rates are applied.
    • Unprecedented flexibility. Choose from the following options for shipments within and between the US and Puerto Rico (all others must be set to option 1).
      1. Customer has a single shipping choice. All packages in order shipped by that method.
      2. "Multi-Ship" (optional) - Allow customer to "break out" items from the order, choosing separate shipping methods for each individually shipped item (any item that is shipped one to a package). Helpful if your customers occasionally need one or more items immediately, but would prefer other items in the order be shipped by a more economical method. For example, if the customer orders 4 of item ABC and 5 of item DEF, the customer may choose to ship ABC by one method and DEF by another.
      3. "Package Multi-Ship" (if using Multi-Ship - optional) - Allow the customer further flexibility by breaking out the individual items, resulting in 9 shipping choices with the sample above. You may also set a maximum number of packages to allow this option. If this was set to 10, the sample above would allow this option. But if the customer ordered 6 of ABC and 5 of DEF, that would be 11 total items and this option would not be available.
      4. "Assorted Multi-Ship" (if using Multi-Ship - optional) - Similar to Package Multi-Ship, except this works on items that are packaged more than one to a box. The customer cannot break items down by individual piece, but can break it down by item/product. Example, if they order 2 of GHI and 2 of JKL and all those items fit in a single box, the customer may choose to package both of item GHI in one box and both of item JKL in another and choose a shipping method for each.
    • The following Handling charges may be set:
      1. Per order.
      2. Per item (discouraging abuse of the "Multi-Ship" options).
      3. Per country.
    • UPS Rates & Service Selection Tool support for all UPS originating countries.
    • UPS Rates & Service Selection Tool support for all UPS destination countries.
    • Any item not withing UPS size, weight or other restrictions may be set to ship by "freight".
  • UPS Online® Tools Tracking
    • Customers track their packages directly from your website.
    • Encourages return visits to your site.
    • Click here for sample

Please note! Although our shopping cart is "Open Source", any and all UPS Shipping and Tracking related source code is encrypted, and must remain encrypted. Using any technology to decrypt or otherwise reverse-engineer and/or subsequently change the look and/or functionality of any of the UPS Online® Tools is against both our licensing agreement and UPS policy. Doing so may result in suspension of the merchant's cf_ezcart license and cancellation of the merchant's UPS Online® Tools account.

are registered trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc.

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