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cf_ezcart Version 10.1 Demo Store

Welcome to our online demonstration. Please take a moment to read this introduction.

Google Checkout orders will be processed through Google's testing "sandbox". If you checkout using Google Checkout you will be required to create an account on the sandbox. Orders will not be processed. You may use a "fake" Visa number of 4111111111111111. That is a 4 followed by fifteen 1's.

This is a very basic installation of our Search Engine Safe File System installation, which can be integrated into most web sites within 1 hour*. There are a few basic steps to installation.

  1. Copy an existing template from your web site, name it store.cfm or any-other-name-you-like.cfm, and remove the just the content portion of the page. This is where the shopping cart content will load and is what we refer to as the "cartpage template".
  2. Add code to existing image and links to allow them to load from any level on the secure and non-secure URL.
  3. Paste about 3 lines of code into the page. One at the top to include some default settings. One in the headers to include our Title Tag, Meta tags, stylesheets and javascripts. And one where we removed the old content to load the cf_ezcart content.
  4. Add any additional tags, such as for the navigation. The category menu on the left side of this page, and the search form in the header are each loaded by pasting in a line of code. You may then change settings to make the elements match your web site. It is a single setting to make the Main Categories in the menu clickable and hide each set of Sub Categories until Main Category is clicked. Another setting hides the Main Categories altogether if you don't need 2 category levels. If your template does not have a spot for a category menu, we can use other Custom tags to place one in this area, which would load rather than this default text.
  5. If using the Search Engine Safe File System, one click creates all of your pages (CFFILE must be enabled) after you enter your page names, page titles, etc.

During the demonstration, as you click on each category and on each product, note how the Title in your browser window changes. If you view the source code of each page you will notice the Meta Description and Keywords change also. Search engines like each page to be unique in these regards. You will also see a short description included with each category. These are all simple entries through the administration area.

A site map-like "product map" is generated automatically. Please see the Product Index before you leave. This is also the page visitors will see if you remove an item and it becomes unavailable.

Click here to review the administration section in a new window. This is not the current version of the administration area and has no effect on the products in this demo. The search engine safe fields are not available. If you wish to see products after you enter them, click here to open through the "standalone" installation of the cf_ezcart in a 2nd new window. The admin demo will self-destruct at midnight MST daily.

If you have any questions concerning whether or not cf_ezcart is suitable for your business, or if you just want to talk to us to see if we're real, feel free to call us at 386.789.0968 between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM (US Eastern Time). Hey, we'll even answer the phone if we're here! You may also send us an e-mail, or fill out our information request form.

*As a courtesy, Tropical Web Creations will provide up to 1 hour (or so) of installation and "hands on" support at no cost. This is generally enough time to integrate cf_ezcart into an existing website. This is assuming a straight HTML or ColdFusion based web site without an existing application, member database, etc. Merging with, or removing an existing application may take additional time. This does not include data entry. Note that you should not expect to do your first installation yourself in 1 hour. We've done a lot of them. :-)

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