cf_ezcart ColdFusion Shopping Cart Application
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cf_ezcart ColdFusion Shopping Cart Application
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Web Developers & ColdFusion Developers who use cf_ezcart ColdFusion Shopping Cart for their clients share their thoughts on our program and support....

I had a client who wanted to develop a pretty extensive e-commerce site. Knowing he would never be able to afford paying me to create it from scratch, I decided to see what I could find online. In my research I came across CF-Ezcart and I am glad I found it. Compared to some of the other licensed carts or even hosted solutions, I felt CF-Ezcart looked the nicest, had the most features and the best documentation.

My company prides itself on producing great looking website. I was easily able to bring CF-Ezcart into my design and have everything up & running within a few weeks for my client. The guys over at Tropical Web Creations have thought of everything... cart, checkout, shipping, tracking... you name it, CF-Ezcart has it.

Even when I had a question during the project, they replied to my email within 24 hours. How many other cart companies do that? None! Rest assured I will be using CF-Ezcart for every e-commerce project that comes my way.

David Michalenka
Terrapin Art & Design

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I just have to say that your shopping cart rocks! I have barely scratched the surface of it, but it blows everything else I have used, or experimented with, out of the water. I think that you should look into setting up another website that sells the shopping cart at a much higher price. It is worth it! When I decided on your cart, I compared it against hundreds of carts ranging from free to 30k. My initial criteria was to find several carts that met all the criteria I set and not look at price. Once I found several carts that met the criteria, I would then try to find one I could talk customers into buying. I never got to the second part because I couldn't find one other cart that met all my criteria. The one thing that did cause me to hesitate before buying your cart is the price. I couldn't understand why the perfect cart was only $300!

Dan McCotter
ColdFusion Developer

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Tropical Web Creations' cf_ezcart application is an affordable, flexible, and powerful shopping cart that contains all of the features of the larger shopping carts and more. We were able to implement cf_ezcart into our site's existing framework and make minor customizations to comply with internal policies in a very reasonable time frame without headaches or customizing ourselves out of an upgrade.

From a developer's perspective, cf_ezcart has been very easy to integrate with our e-commerce objectives. The service from Bud has also been superior to other software companies we currently deal with on a regular basis. Our issues and questions were answered efficiently and quickly which allowed for a very smooth implementation process.

Brad Carpenter, MMCP
Web Developer
Crest Audio, Inc.

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After exhaustive research on Cold Fusion carts out there, I found no other that had the features to price ratio that yours does. I am a recently self-taught Cold Fusion developer and while there is a whole lot of code in there to make it work, I have had relatively few problems integrating your cart into my new site (My own limitations, not your carts in any way). If I can do this with your product any one can. When I have had problems or questions your attentive customer service has been second to none, going far beyond what I would ever expect from a company. If you ever need a reference to talk to a potential client I am humbly at your service.

Scott Gowdy

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