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QuickBooks Web Services FAQ


Q. I sell items that come in several colors and sizes. Can I track sales of these items without having to enter each one into the shopping cart's inventory?
A. Yes. A cool feature of cf_ezcart is the ability to build dynamic Part Numbers "on the fly" to correspond with QuickBooks Item Names, based on the customer's selections. For example, if a T-Shirt comes in 5 sizes and 10 colors, that is 50 separate QuickBooks items. With cf_ezcart, a single T-Shirt (Product ID T1) is added to inventory, then 2 "Style Groups" are created. One group containing the 5 sizes and the other the 10 colors. These groups will appear as Select Size and Select Color menus to the customer. The part number will be built based on the size and color selected. So the part number for a Small (Style Code SM), Red (Style Code RD) T-Shirt would be one of the following:
T1SMRD without a separator, or T1-SM-RD with a hyphen separator.
You may also choose to not use the Product ID portion when building the Part Number. You'll then have SMRD or SM-RD. Using the Product ID will enable you to use a Style Group on multiple Products.

There is no limit on the number of Style Groups you may use to create a Part Number. You may even add Style Groups which do not affect the Part Number, such as choosing a piece of artwork to be silk-screened onto the T-Shirt. So they may choose a small red t-shirt with design A, but the QuickBooks Item Name used in the order would still be one of the examples above.

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Q. If I'm out of an item in QuickBooks, will that show in the shopping cart?
A. Yes. The Quantity On Hand in cf_ezcart is updated to match QuickBooks each time the item is ordered, or you may run the Inventory Management Service and keep your cf_ezcart/QuickBooks QOH in sync "close" to real time. You may simply show the number In Stock, or you may make an item unavailable for purchase when there are no more in stock.

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